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The Joseph Ross YouTube Channel:

The 1st Vlog (YouTube):

The 2nd Vlog (YouTube):

The 3rd Vlog (YouTube):

The 4th Vlog (YouTube):

The 5th Vlog (YouTube):

The 6th Vlog (YouTube):

Happy New Year (2019) (YouTube):

The 7th Vlog (YouTube):

The 8th Vlog (YouTube):

The 9th Vlog (YouTube):

The 10th Vlog (YouTube):

The 11th Vlog (YouTube):

The 12th Vlog (YouTube):

The 13th Vlog (YouTube):

Happy April Fool’s Day (2019) (YouTube):

The 14th Vlog (YouTube):

Welcome To Summer (2019):

The 15th Vlog (YouTube):

The 16th Vlog (YouTube):

Happy 4th Of July (2019) (YouTube):

The 17th Vlog (YouTube):

The 50th Anniversary Of The Americans Landing On The Moon (July 20, 2019) (YouTube):

August 2019 (YouTube):

Happy Anniversary To The Channel (YouTube):

The 18th Vlog (YouTube):

Happy Halloween (2019) (YouTube):

Happy Thanksgiving (2019) (YouTube):

Merry Christmas (2019) (YouTube):

The End Of The 2010’s Decade (YouTube):

The Beginning Of The 2020’s Decade (Happy New Year (2020)) (YouTube):

My 30th Birthday (My Birthday (2020)) (YouTube):

Vlog # 19 – What’s Currently Going On (February 13, 2019) (YouTube):

Happy Valentine’s Day (2020) (YouTube):

Happy Leap Day (2020) (YouTube):

Happy St. Patrick’s Day (2020) (YouTube):

Coming Soon… (Recorded In 2019) (Edited March 21, 2020) (YouTube):

Vlog # 20 – What’s Currently Going On (April 12, 2020) (YouTube):

Happy Easter (2020) (YouTube):

Vlog # 21 – What’s Currently Going On (May 2, 2020) (YouTube):

Introducing The Joseph Ross Livestream (YouTube):

Happy 4th Of July (2020) (YouTube):

Election News 2020: August 19, 2020 (YouTube):

Happy 2nd Anniversary To The Channel (YouTube):

Election News 2020: September 29, 2020 (YouTube):

Election News 2020 by Color Star: October 31, 2020 (YouTube)

Happy Halloween (2020) (YouTube)

Election News 2020 By Color Star: November 14, 2020 (YouTube)

Happy Thanksgiving (2020) (YouTube)

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